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Dr. Patti is very professional and very thorough. He is highly regarded and a lumbar and cervical spine surgeon. He has years of specialized training and experience and I have been very pleased having him as my lumbar and cervical spine physician, as those are the areas in which he is helping me relieve pain and improve my quality of life.

Ann H.

Excellent doctor. Good beside manner, thorough, explained everything well with the MRI and report. Now we are waiting for the results from the EMG to get more details.

Lisa P.

Very helpful & kind about my ailments!


Even though this is a huge office, once I get in for my appt. I am treated like the only patient here.


Dr. Patti has helped me to function as an almost human since my accident I am walking which I was not before seeing him.


Dr. Patti performed a cervical fusion on me December 2016, the staff was great, answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable and calm the day of the surgery. I have less pain and more movement with my neck and arms. I continue to do my at home exercises from physical therapy, it is taking a while but I am getting more strength and endurance every day. I am hopeful that by the year point I will be able to do all the things I have had difficulty doing for the last few years. I would highly recommend Dr. Patti, he is very good and very friendly. My scar is very unnoticeable, he did a wonderful job all around.

Rose M

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